Things To Consider Before Buying A Used Fifth Wheel

When you've been dreaming about traveling and spending time on the road, you may have decided that it's time for you to invest in an RV for your travels. A fifth wheel RV is a great option for this. If your budget won't sustain the cost of a brand new RV, you may need to consider buying a used fifth wheel instead. Here are a few things to think about as you start looking at different used fifth wheel options.

Is The Seller The Only Owner?

If you can find a fifth wheel that's being sold by its original owner, it can give you a better chance of getting a unit that's in precisely the condition it's been represented as. The original owner can tell you about the entire history of the RV, including how much they used it and what maintenance and repair work was done on it. Whenever possible, choose a unit being sold by its original owner or one that was passed down through a family where its history is clearly understood.

Is There Documentation?

When it comes to RV care and maintenance, it's important that it's kept up so that the unit stays in good condition and remains free of leaks and other problems. Ask about the repair and maintenance history and the documentation that may be available for it. The more records you can look at, the more confidence you can have in the condition of the fifth wheel before you buy it.

Was There Ever Any Serious Damage?

You'll also want to ask if the fifth wheel ever suffered any serious damage during the time that the seller owned it. Water damage, rodent infestations, and accidents are all key things in the RV's history that you should know about.

In addition, when you look at the RV, you need to be sure that you look for any residual signs of past damage. Check for any soft spots on the floors or water spots along the walls and ceiling. Look in cabinets and cubby holes for any signs of rodent traps or baits being left to eliminate a pest infestation.

Does Everything Work?

Check all of the components and features of the fifth wheel to be sure that everything works the way that it is intended. Don't dismiss things like the heating system, the air conditioning, and the backup power system. Battery backups can sometimes fail before you even know that it's happened because they are used so rarely. You'll have to replace the battery unit if it doesn't work, which you would need to factor into your investment to decide if it's worth it.