3 Myths Related to Auto Body Repair and the Truths

If you have been involved in an automobile accident, you may be looking to bring your vehicle to an auto body repair shop to have the damage repaired. Unfortunately, there are many myths out there in regards to auto body repair services and insurance companies. Someone may be trying to help you but might be providing you with bad information, or you may be reading something untrue online. Here are three common myths related to auto body repair and the truth about these myths. 

Myth 1: An Insurance Company Dictates Who You Take Your Car To

One of the myths that seem to continuously come up in regards to auto body repair is that an insurance company has control over who you can bring your car to for repairs. This is not true. Many insurance companies have preferred auto body repair shops where they may recommend that you go after a vehicle. However, you are allowed to use any legally licensed auto body or repair shop that you choose, and the insurance company must allow you to do that. 

Myth 2: You Should Always Take Your Car to a Dealership For the Best Auto Body Repairs

The second myth that is common in regards to auto body repair is that you should bring your car to the dealership to ensure the repairs are properly made and made with manufacturer's parts. Reputable body shops can get OEM parts, or manufacturer's parts, and make the repairs to your car using these parts. Many auto body shops are also certified by specific manufacturers, showing they have the same knowledge about your type of vehicle as the dealership does. 

Myth 3: An Insurance Company Has to Repair All Damages to Your Vehicle

The final myth related to auto body repair is that an insurance company has to repair all damages to your vehicle that were caused by the accident. An insurance company will only pay for repairs up to the Blue Book value of your car. If the damages exceed the Blue Book value of your car, they will salvage the car out and pay you for the value of your vehicle, rather than paying for the repairs. You do not have the option of having repairs made or having your vehicle salvaged. 

There are many myths surrounding auto body repair services. If your vehicle has been involved in an accident and you have any questions about car repairs, it is best to contact your preferred auto body repair shop. They can help to answer any questions you may have and educate you on any myths you may have, helping to ensure you get the body repair that your vehicle needs after an accident.