3 Proven Compounds To Use When Cleaning Your Auto’s Carpet

The carpeting that covers the floor of a vehicle can become extremely dirty over time. It's important that you regularly clean your vehicle's carpets if you want to be able to avoid permanent stains and extend the life of the carpet over time.

With so many different carpet cleaning chemicals available on the market today, it can be difficult to determine which product you should use on your auto carpets. Narrow your search to these three proven compounds if you want to maximize your results.

1. Enzymes

If you are looking for a cleaning product that is environmentally friendly and capable of achieving results, then an enzyme cleaner is your best option. Enzymes are biological catalysts that are capable of breaking down most stains.

The enzymes found in specialty carpet cleaners are capable of breaking down the bacteria that cause staining and odors. Most enzyme cleaners are heat-activated, so you will have to add a step to your carpet cleaning routine. An enzyme cleaner can be effective on carpets stained with food, beverages, vomit, or other organic materials.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide

Another type of powerful stain-fighting carpet cleaner is a hydrogen peroxide cleaner. Hydrogen peroxide cleaners work by penetrating carpet fibers to target the base layer of any stains found inside your car. The cleaning compound oxidizes the stains and any accompanying odors, then dries to a powder that can easily be vacuumed out of your auto carpets.

Hydrogen peroxide cleaners are typically colorless and have no smell, but they could cause discoloration on some carpet fibers. Be sure to test the product on a small patch of carpet inside your vehicle before applying the cleaner to all of the carpeting in your vehicle.

3. Synthetic Rinse

A synthetic rinse should be part of your auto carpet cleaning routine. Since the carpets found in most vehicles are made from synthetic materials, it's important that you utilize a synthetic rinse after applying a stain remover or cleansing agent.

Synthetic rinses are acidic in nature, which neutralizes the high-alkaline stain removers and cleansers you may have used to clean your carpeting. The application of a synthetic rinse can also make it a lot easier to remove any dirt, debris, or other residue that has emulsified in your carpet fibers during cleaning.

You will find that your vehicle's carpeting is softer and and cleaner when you implement a synthetic rinse into your carpet cleaning routine.