Myths About Repairing And Maintaining Your Transmission

The transmission is among the most important components of your vehicle. Unfortunately, car owners will frequently neglect to become informed about the needs of their vehicle's transmission. This can lead to them giving credence to myths and other faulty information that can make it harder to keep the transmission working smoothly.

Myth: Flushing A Transmission Will Not Provide Any Meaningful Benefits

Inside the transmission will be a specialized fluid that is needed to keep the transmission protected while it is in operation. Unfortunately, this fluid will degrade over time and as a result of use. As the fluid degrades, the protection that it offers the transmission will fade, and this can increase the risk of the transmission suffering substantial mechanical damage. Flushing the transmission will involve completely replacing this fluid with new transmission fluid that will still be potent. An added benefit of this work is that it can also remove metal shavings or other debris that may have gotten mixture into the transmission fluid.

Myth: Transmission Problems Will Always Be Extremely Obvious

Issues with a vehicle's transmission can often result in the vehicle suffering severe and highly noticeable performance problems while you are attempting to operate it. Many of these problems will be extremely easy to spot, as they can make the vehicle more difficult to control.  Unfortunately, not all of these problems will be as easy to spot, and this can lead to the transmission suffering further damage as a result of continuing damages that are occurring. If you notice any significant changes in the way that your transmission behaves,  it should be professionally inspected to determine whether it is needing major repairs in order to continue functioning.

Myth: Replacement Is The Best Option For Transmissions With Severe Damage

Car owners may not fully appreciate all of the options that are available to them when it comes to repairing significant damage to the transmission. Rather than simply replacing a transmission that has suffered this damage, you can also choose to have the transmission completely rebuilt. When you choose to have the damaged transmission rebuilt, it will be taken apart so that all of the components that have been damaged by the malfunction can be replaced. Unfortunately, this can be a lengthy process to complete, but it will usually be more affordable than buying a new transmission. If this work is done by a reputable transmission repair service, it should also come with a warranty so that you can be sure the transmission repair is done correctly.