Types Of Hail Damage Your Car May Need Repaired

Hail can be an immensely destructive natural force. In particular, cars can be extremely vulnerable to suffering damage from the hail. As a result, it can be common for car owners to need to address several types of damage after a hailstorm passes through their area.

Body Dents

Large hailstones can strike the body of your car with tremendous force, and this can lead to deep dents forming in its exterior. When these damages occur, it can be possible to repair them with paintless dent repair techniques as long as the paint was left intact. In some situations, these dents may be slightly too deep to use paintless repair options. If this is the case, body filler can be applied so that the dent will be filled. When body filler is used to repair these damage, this section of the vehicle will need to be repainted. However, this can be an extremely effective and durable repair for the deep dents that large hail can leave in automobiles.

Glass Damage

The glass can be another part of your car that will be extremely susceptible to hail damage. If these stones strike the glass, they can lead to cracks and chips forming. These damages can weaken the glass, and they can grow in size and severity. There are many repair options for auto glass damage. For example, you can have the cracks that were left by the hailstones filled with a clear resin that will harden and protect the glass. Waiting too long to have these repairs done can lead to the pane of glass needing to be replaced as there are limits to the damages that can be repaired with auto glass resins.

Paint Chips

In some situations, the auto body may not suffer dents, but the paint can still suffer chips. Chipped paint is a type of auto body damage that can be easy to underestimate. However, it can allow moisture to get under the paint where it can corrode the metal. As the metal corrodes, the paint on top of it will start to peel away. This can create a cycle that greatly worsens in a relatively short period of time. Repairing the paint chips soon after they form can limit the ability of corrosion to form. For those that may lack the money to make these repairs immediately after they form, it may be possible to apply a protective sealant that can stop the metal from corroding.

Get in touch with an auto shop that offers hail damage repair services in your area for more information.