What Maintenance Does Your Truck Need?

In a lot of ways, truck repair is no different than regular auto repair. It may be even more important for truck owners to make regular maintenance a priority, however, since trunks usually suffer more abuse and carry heavier loads than a regular vehicle. Make sure you check these items off your list regularly to keep your trucks operating in peak condition.

1. Oil Changes Every 2,000 to 3,000 Miles

Most auto repair shops will tell you that a car can run between 5,000 to 7,500 miles between oil changes; maybe even 15,000 if you use synthetic oil. Because the stress of a truck is greater, make sure you visit a truck repair shop every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, depending on how the truck is used, to get the oil changed. Use the highest quality that you can to ensure your engine runs smoothly. Your truck will repay you with years of loyal service.

2. Check Fluid Levels

One of the hidden disasters with truck repair is your fluid levels. Even if the fluid level remains steady, over time, it can become discolored due to age or contamination and start to cause problems with your engine. It's recommended to check your fluid levels at least twice a year — more if you start noticing the engine having problems — and change the transmission fluid regularly.

3. Testing the Suspension

Since most trucks carry loads that can shift in the bed, it's not uncommon for your suspension to get out of alignment. You may not notice it at first, but a good truck repair shop can point out the irregular wear on your tires that tell of a bigger issue. Make it a habit to get your suspension checked every time you get routine maintenance performed. It may cost you a little extra initially, but a balanced suspension means less frequent tire purchases and less strain on your chassis.

4. Regular Tire Rotation

No car degrades their tires evenly, and that's especially true of trucks, most of whom have extra strain on the rear tires due to the heavy loads they're hauling. An experienced truck repair shop will usually rotate the front tires to the back regularly, which will cut down on expenses, but keep an eye on the tread periodically to make sure you're not wearing them down prematurely.

5. Monitor Brake Life

Brakes going out on the trucks is one of the leading causes of accidents involving trucks. For that reason, you should check the brake shoe indicator regularly to make sure they're still holding up properly. If not, get them changed immediately.

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