Three Ways To Determine If A Car Engine Needs To Be Repaired

If you are attempting to diagnose engine problems or perform engine repair, then you may be wondering how to tell if there's a problem in the first place. You can do this by keeping an eye or ear out for poor mileage, engine stalling on an automatic car, and unusual smells.

Poor Mileage

If the car that you are working on has been getting worse and worse mileage over time, then there might be a problem with the engine. This can be identified by having the car owner keep track of the odometer each time the car is filled up. There are many different problems that could cause poor mileage in a car, ranging from overuse of the air conditioner to low-quality motor oils. However, if the car engine is overheated, then that could be causing the poor mileage and is a sign that the engine needs to be repaired.

Stalling On An Automatic

Manual automobiles stall if you so much as switch gears the wrong way, but automatic transmissions shouldn't stall unless there's a problem somewhere in the car. Frequently, this problem could be in the engine, such as if the oxygen sensors don't work (and, therefore, the computer that runs your car can't know if there's enough oxygen to start the engine) or the water-to-fuel ratio in the car is too high. Other issues, such as problems in the torque converter, could be at fault, but if there's stalling of the engine in an automatic car, then you'll want to check the engine.

Unusual Smells

Finally, one of the best ways to know that an automobile has a problem is by detecting any unusual smells from the engine, such as burnt oil or maple syrup. The former is a sign that the engine is running too hot to function properly, while the latter tells you that ethylene glycol is leaking from the catalytic converter, radiator, or other car parts. Either way, you'll need to repair the engine. While the leaking of the ethylene glycol isn't a sign to search deeper, the burnt oil smell means that you will want to determine why the engine is running hot enough to burn the oil.

If you are in the process of performing car repair, then you'll want to know when to fix the engine. You can tell for certain if a car engine needs to be repaired if the car has poor mileage, if the engine stalls on an automatic transmission, or if you smell burnt oil or maple syrup. Contact a company that provides engine repair services to learn more.