Why You Need Stone Chip Repair On Your Car And How To Prevent Future Chips

A stone chip in your car is something you want to avoid, but unless you never drive your vehicle and leave your car in a garage, you're not likely to skip all the damages your car can potentially become susceptible to. Your vehicle is important to you, and auto body care is just as important as engine and mechanical care.

If you get a stone chip on your vehicle, you need to get stone chip repair done on your car. Here are some reasons why, and you'll also learn how you can prevent these chips in the future.

A stone chip can spread

Any stone chip you have on your car can easily spread, whether the chip is on your windshield and causing damage or the rock chip is on another part of your vehicle, like the door or hood. A stone can chip away paint or create a divot in auto glass and create a larger problem if stone chip repair is not made. As soon as you see a stone hit your vehicle, inspect the area for signs of a divot or a dent in your car and call your stone chip repair specialist to make an appointment right away.

A stone chip is easy to repair

With immediate attention, a stone chip is actually an easy repair for most auto technicians. A stone chip in a windshield can be repaired with a resin to fill in the chip so the window is as good as new again. If a stone chip has not spread to a crack, repairs can be under $100. A small stone chip in auto paint can be repaired with minimal cost and effort so long as the paint is not severely damaged. Get a quote for services from your auto service technician.

Preventing stone chips

You can prevent stone chips in the future by doing the following things.

Drive slowly on gravel roads

Driving slowly on gravel roads can help prevent stones from flying out from under your vehicle and keep your car from getting damaged.

Drive far behind other drivers

Especially on the freeway, keeping a distance from other drivers can help prevent stone chips in your car by keeping flying debris farther away from your car.

If you have a need to get stone chip repair done on your car, don't hesitate. The sooner you have your stone chip repair needs met, the sooner you can get back on the road with a safer, more protected vehicle.