Vehicle Keeps Overheating? It Could Be The Water Pump

If your vehicle keeps overheating, even after you top the radiator off with coolant, call an auto repair technician fast. The radiator may not be the reason your vehicle has a leak. Your vehicle could actually have a problem with the water pump or another critical component in the engine. Learn how a leaking water pump affects your vehicle below.

Is It the Radiator, Water Pump, or Something Else?

Radiator leaks are the most common types of engine leaks to occur in cars and other vehicles today. However, water pumps can also leak or cause overheating problems with vehicles. Vehicles rely on water pumps to circulate or move fluid through their engines. If the water pump develops a hole or stops circulating fluid through the engine, the part can fail. 

The signs of a failing or ailing water pump can mimic the symptoms of a radiator leak. Both parts will cause the vehicle to run hot and leak coolant. But with a water pump leak, fluid will generally seep out of the part's seals.

Seals keep the oil in your engine from mingling with the fluid inside your water pump. If weep holes develop between the seals, fluid will seep out of them. Eventually, large amounts of fluid will leak out of the water pump.

There could other issues with your water pump you need to address. In any case, you want to hire an auto repair technician for services.

What Will an Auto Technician Do?

An auto repair technician will need to perform a complete diagnostic check on your vehicle before they confirm the leak. If an engine diagnostic check reveals a problem with your water pump, a technician will:

  • replace the seals in the water pump
  • replace parts supporting the water pump
  • replace the water pump completely

If the radiator is solely responsible for your vehicle's leak, a technician may need to seal or replace the part. A technician may also flush out the radiator to remove any impurities inside it that could cause the part to overheat and leak later. 

If the water pump and radiator aren't responsible for your vehicle's problems, a car repair technician will examine the:

  • radiator thermostat for issues
  • air conditioning system for problems
  • engine gaskets for tears, corrosion, and other issues

A technician will go into greater detail about the issues above after they inspect your vehicle.

Learn more about water pumps and how they leak by contacting a car repair service today.