Dealing With Automatic Transmission Problems In Your Vehicle

The automatic transmission in your vehicle can be very convenient, but if it is not working the way it was designed to, the results can be a car that is difficult to drive. Taking the vehicle into a transmission repair shop might be necessary if the transmission is acting up, but identifying the problem can be easier if you can tell the tech what the car is doing. 

Common Transmission Problems

Some of the most common problems people experience with an automatic transmission involve the transmission shifting poorly, slipping when you are starting out, and leaking from somewhere under the car. You can resolve all of these problems with a little work, but it is best to take the vehicle to a transmission repair shop where they have the right tools and knowledge to diagnose the problem correctly. 

While some of these problems can be related, it is critical that the shop checks the entire transmission over to determine the best course of action. The only way to do that is to do a full inspection of the transmission and the related components on the vehicle, and a transmission repair shop is best-qualified for that. 

Common Transmission Repairs

One of the most straightforward repairs that the transmission repair shop can do for you is a transmission oil and filter change. The filter is under the oil pan on most transmissions, so the fluid needs to drain from the transmission, and then the oil pan should be removed so that the tech can replace the filter. The job is time-consuming but not difficult, and a dirty filter is often the reason the transmission is sluggish or not shifting when it should. 

Likewise, leaking transmissions often start at the transmission pan, where the gasket can breakdown over time. Changing the gasket should be done every time the oil pan comes off the transmission, so make sure to do that during this process. 

When looking at these issues, it may also be a good time to flush the transmission on the vehicle as well. The flush will remove debris and other material from the lines, the cooler, and the transmission, allowing the fluid or oil to flow easier and build the proper pressure to make the transmission shift appropriately and function smoother. 

The cooling lines that carry fluid to the radiator and back can also leak at the fittings, so it is critical that the transmission repair tech checks those while they are under the vehicle. If the fittings are leaking, the technician can replace the lines with new ones easier than fixing the fittings in many cases. Contact a transmission repair service for more information.