Car Rattling Anytime You Hit A Bump? What May Be The Problem

When your vehicle hits a bump, your tires, shocks, and struts are supposed to take the brunt of the force. You shouldn't feel that much when riding inside your vehicle, although if there are things wrong with your car, you may be thrown all over the place and bounce around. You may also hear rattling and other sounds as well. If you are hearing noises when you hit a bump, or you notice your vehicle is not a smooth ride as it once was, there could be a few different issues. Read on for a few problems that may be causing this rattling issue.

1. Low Tires

If your tires have low air pressure, or if you have bad tires, you may be noticing a rougher ride. Your tires need to have the right amount of air pressure in them in order for them to offer you a smooth ride. The amount of air pressure you need in your tires will be in your owner's manual or in the inside of your driver's side door. The tires themselves will also have this information listed. Be sure your tires have enough air pressure in them and there is enough tread on them. Low tread can also cause a rough ride.

2. Broken Struts Or Worn Shocks

If you have worn out shocks or broken struts, you may notice that when you hit a bump there is a thud or other loud noise. This is because there is nothing absorbing the force of hitting the bump you just ran over. If you have broken struts or worn shocks, you should take your vehicle to a professional auto care center to have these replaced.

3. Broken Frame

If you have damage to the frame of your vehicle, you could end up hearing these noises every time you hit a bump or pothole. Frame damage can be very dangerous and you should have this repaired right away. 

4. Broken Motor Mounts

Your vehicle may be making these sounds when you hit bumps because you have a broken motor mount. The mounts that hold your engine in place may have gotten loose with time, or from hitting too many of these bumps over time and broke off. If you have broken motor mounts, you need to have this repaired to prevent further issues.

If you hear noises when you hit a bump, take your vehicle to an auto care center for any repairs that may be necessary. An autocenter can provide more information.