Don’t Let These 3 Common Myths Stop You From Selling Your Junk Car For Cash

There are a lot of myths out there when it comes to selling junk cars for cash. Unfortunately, these widespread myths can often discourage people from even trying to turn their unwanted vehicles into the cold hard cash that they need. That is why this article aims to do away with many of the most popular myths so that everyone can begin enjoying the benefits that come along with getting cash for their junk cars. 

Myth #1: No Title Means No Sale

This particular myth can get quite confusing for some people because there was a point in time when this myth was true. However, many junkyards are now able to offer sellers an alternative solution if they no longer have the title for their junk car and do not wish to pay for a replacement title. This alternative is to sign an affidavit that states they are the legal owner of the vehicle, that they have the legal right to sell the vehicle, and that they are in fact selling it to the named buyer. In some cases, scrapyards may require corroborating evidence in order to use this alternative way of establishing ownership. This evidence will typically be an old registration or insurance car that lists you as the owner and has the vehicle identification number on it. 

Myth #2: You Have To Get Your Vehicle To The Junk Yard

Another common myth that often prevents individuals from even considering the ability to sell their junk car is that they must first find a way to get the vehicle to a scrapyard in order to sell it. This simply is not true. Most scrapyards that specialize in buying junk cars will offer a free towing service if you wish to sell your vehicle. In fact, the driver will be able to complete the entire transaction right at your home when picking up your vehicle. In most cases, this means that you will never even need to visit the junkyard in person in order to turn your junk car into a pocket full of money. 

Myth #3: Only Full Vehicles Can Be Sold

People often remove parts from junk cars either to be used in other vehicles or to resell. For instance, it is quite common for people to pull the battery out of their old junk car if the battery in their current vehicle needs to be replaced. While it is true that most scrapyards prefer to purchase fully intact vehicles, the removal of certain parts will not necessarily prevent you from selling your junk car for cash. However, it is important to be upfront about what parts have been removed from the vehicle in order to get an accurate quote on a sale price. 

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