Useful Repair Tactics For Brakes That Squeak

Your vehicle's brakes can face a number of issues over the years. Squeaking is perhaps the most common and is something that warrants your attention. Here are a few repair tactics that can help you tackle this brake-related issue competently.

Find Out the Cause

The first thing you need to do when repairing brakes that squeak is figure out why this is happening. Only then will you be able to plan out an appropriate repair that works out for the best.

A couple of causes could be that the brake pads have worn down, there is dust on the rotors, or your pads have a defect. You just need to examine the area around your brakes to see if you can notice any type of physical problems. If you can't, then you might want to get an opinion from a brake repair shop. 

Set Up Shims on the Pads if They're Not Already Present

If your brake pads are without shims, then this could be the reason why you hear squeaking each time you apply the brakes to slow down. A simple solution would be to add shims to them. Then you'll have an extra component to reduce the noise that your brakes make each time they're used. 

You might not even be able to hear any noise at all after shims are set up on your vehicle. You just need to make sure you purchase shims that are compatible with your brake pads and ensure they're set up correctly.

Have Shop Step in if Your Repair Solutions Don't Work 

If you perform some repairs to your vehicle's brakes and yet they still squeak when you stop your vehicle, you should now work with a brake repair shop. They can help you troubleshoot this noise that still lingers.

Since a brake repair shop deals with brakes and their components often, it won't take them long to assess your brakes and find the culprit of all the noise. They can then complete repairs that are necessary. Then in addition to having brakes that don't make a bunch of noise, you can trust they'll perform optimally too.

If you use your vehicle's brakes and they make a lot of squeaking sounds, you need to fix this issue before you do serious damage to brake components like the pads and rotors. Just take your time performing detailed inspections and seeing what repairs can help you restore braking performance successfully.

To have your car's brakes inspected, visit a brake repair service in your area.