3 End-Of-Warranty Preventative Maintenance Items

Buying a new car is always an exciting experience, and there's nothing like the honeymoon phase that follows. Unfortunately, all vehicles eventually become routine, day-to-day appliances, and that new car shine will inevitably wear off. As your vehicle ages, there are plenty of milestones, but one pivotal moment is when your factory warranty finally runs out. Realizing you're out of your warranty period can feel a bit like floating down a river without a paddle. Read More 

Maintaining Your Duramax Diesel: Injector Balance Rates 101

Since Duramax engines have been on the market for years, service technicians that work with diesel engines also have a deep understanding of how to service and maintain these engines. Injector balance rates are one critical aspect of maintaining your diesel and diagnosing potential problems with the fuel system. Understanding how injector balance rates work and why they matter can give you a deeper understanding of how your vehicle operates. Read More 

What Every Driver Should Know About Oil Changes

For many car owners, oil changes are one of those mundane things that you just do when it's time because you have to. What many drivers don't understand is that your oil change is an important part of keeping your car running at its best. When you understand the basics of oil changes and what you can do to protect your engine, you'll ensure that you get the longest possible lifespan from your vehicle. Read More 

Keys To Getting A Performance Engine For A Truck

Truck owners have access to a lot of great engine options today. Performance engines in particular have a lot of unique attributes, such as amazing horsepower. If you're planning to upgrade your truck with a performance engine, these precautions can help you make a wise investment. Review the Engine's Weight Starting out, you'll probably focus a lot on a performance engine's torque and horsepower since these attributes have a big impact on overall performance. Read More 

Get Road-Trip Ready With These 3 Repairs

You know you should handle a few critical maintenance tasks before embarking on that summer road trip, right? Checking your tire pressure, replacing old brake pads, and keeping up with oil changes are essential tasks to ensure your vehicle remains reliable, whether you're driving for a few hours or multiple days. However, there's more to making your vehicle road-trip ready than routine maintenance. Many people defer repairs that don't seem essential, but ignoring these problems can make your vehicle less safe to drive over long distances. Read More