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Recently Drive Over A Nail? 4 Tips To Fix Your Tire

Did you drive over a nail on the road and now have a hole in your tire? If so, know that you don't have to go out and buy a whole new tire. As long as the hole is not in the sidewall of the tire, it is possible to repair that puncture hole and save the tire. These tips will help you do it with a plug patch. Mark The Hole Read More 

Vehicle Keeps Overheating? It Could Be The Water Pump

If your vehicle keeps overheating, even after you top the radiator off with coolant, call an auto repair technician fast. The radiator may not be the reason your vehicle has a leak. Your vehicle could actually have a problem with the water pump or another critical component in the engine. Learn how a leaking water pump affects your vehicle below. Is It the Radiator, Water Pump, or Something Else? Radiator leaks are the most common types of engine leaks to occur in cars and other vehicles today. Read More 

What To Do If Your Check Engine Light Comes On

Your car can be running fine one minute, and the next minute you can see the check engine light on in your vehicle. The check engine light is a standard feature you can find in almost every vehicle, and it is there to alert you of a problem. The check engine light turns on to indicate any minor or major issues with your car. If your check engine light comes on, do you know what to do? Read More 

Why You Need Stone Chip Repair On Your Car And How To Prevent Future Chips

A stone chip in your car is something you want to avoid, but unless you never drive your vehicle and leave your car in a garage, you're not likely to skip all the damages your car can potentially become susceptible to. Your vehicle is important to you, and auto body care is just as important as engine and mechanical care. If you get a stone chip on your vehicle, you need to get stone chip repair done on your car. Read More 

4 Car Repairs That Can Be Quite Expensive

Having your vehicle repaired is an expected part of car ownership. However, some repairs can be more costly than others. Here are a few car repairs that can be on the higher end, so you are prepared for a larger than expected bill.  Automatic Transmission Repair Your vehicle's automatic transmissions sees a lot of wear and tear over the years since it is doing the job of automatically shifting gears as you increase and decrease in speed. Read More