The Best Care for Your Car

Types Of Hail Damage Your Car May Need Repaired

Hail can be an immensely destructive natural force. In particular, cars can be extremely vulnerable to suffering damage from the hail. As a result, it can be common for car owners to need to address several types of damage after a hailstorm passes through their area. Body Dents Large hailstones can strike the body of your car with tremendous force, and this can lead to deep dents forming in its exterior. Read More 

Common Symptoms Of A Failing CV Joint

A constant velocity (CV) joint allows a drive shaft to transmit power at varying angles without too much friction or play. Many cars have CV joints in their suspensions. In front-wheel-drive cars, the CV joints either connect the transmission to the drive shafts or the wheels to the drive shafts. CV joints are great, but they do break down Humming Noises Humming noises from the CV joints can mean a variety of problems. Read More 

Myths About Repairing And Maintaining Your Transmission

The transmission is among the most important components of your vehicle. Unfortunately, car owners will frequently neglect to become informed about the needs of their vehicle's transmission. This can lead to them giving credence to myths and other faulty information that can make it harder to keep the transmission working smoothly. Myth: Flushing A Transmission Will Not Provide Any Meaningful Benefits Inside the transmission will be a specialized fluid that is needed to keep the transmission protected while it is in operation. Read More 

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Automotive Window Film

Whether you seek greater privacy, UV protection against the sun's rays, or simply an elegant new look for your car, automotive window film can provide the solution. First, however, you need to give some thought to the type of product you need, the application process, and the time factor that goes into the tinting and curing processes. Here are three questions you should ask yourself before investing in automotive window film. Read More 

Three Signs Your Accident Did More Damage Than You Think

There's nothing like the relief of getting out of your car after a minor fender bender only to see that you escaped with little or no damage. It can feel like dodging a (very expensive) bullet, but there's often more than meets the eye to collisions. It takes a trained eye to fully evaluate damage to a vehicle, and there are signs of trouble that are easy to miss. If you're wondering about the effects of an accident on your car, then it's essential to watch out for these three signs of severe damage. Read More