Don’t Ignore These Critical Warning Signs With Your Truck

Do you drive a truck for a living? If so, there's a lot of things that you need to do in order to keep them on the road. This includes routine maintenance and repairs. But there are some things that you may ignore due to sheer inconvenience or because you think that you can hold off on getting it checked out. If you notice any of these things going on, now is the time to pull over and address them head-on. Read More 

Signs Your Car Needs Service Immediately

Even perfectly maintained vehicles need to be repaired occasionally. While some repairs can wait if they're related to cosmetic or luxury features, there are other warning signs you should never ignore. Check Engine Light One of the most common signs of a vehicle problem is a flashing or steady light on your dashboard indicating a problem with your car's engine or another component. Take your car in for service as soon as you can if you notice your check engine light has come on. Read More 

Why You Should Maintain Proper Tire Pressure And How To Do It

Your tires are arguably one of the most important parts of your car, next to maybe only the engine. If you have a tire give out, you won't be going anywhere until you get a spare put on or get the tire repaired or replaced. To that end, one of the most important things you can do to ensure that your tires last a long time is to make sure you maintain proper tire pressure. Read More 

3 Proven Compounds To Use When Cleaning Your Auto’s Carpet

The carpeting that covers the floor of a vehicle can become extremely dirty over time. It's important that you regularly clean your vehicle's carpets if you want to be able to avoid permanent stains and extend the life of the carpet over time. With so many different carpet cleaning chemicals available on the market today, it can be difficult to determine which product you should use on your auto carpets. Narrow your search to these three proven compounds if you want to maximize your results. Read More 

3 Myths Related to Auto Body Repair and the Truths

If you have been involved in an automobile accident, you may be looking to bring your vehicle to an auto body repair shop to have the damage repaired. Unfortunately, there are many myths out there in regards to auto body repair services and insurance companies. Someone may be trying to help you but might be providing you with bad information, or you may be reading something untrue online. Here are three common myths related to auto body repair and the truth about these myths. Read More