What You Should Know About Repossession And How It Affects You

Vehicle repossession is a big deal and can significantly affect you, especially if you are at risk of losing the only vehicle you own. Repossession towing and recovery is serious business, and the agents coming for your car will use whatever means possible to get it. Still, there are some things you can do to make the situation better.  Stopping The Repo Man If you are in default on your car loan and the lender has placed the car in repossession status, the best thing you can do is call the lender and discuss your options with them. Read More 

7 Ways To Avoid A Transmission Break-Down

Your transmission is vital to the operation of your vehicle; it can also be expensive to replace if it breaks down. That is why it is essential to understand what you can do to avoid a potential transmission breakdown. 1. Check Your Transmission Fluid You are going to want to check your transmission fluid. This includes the fluid level, color, and smell every time you change the oil. Every other year, you should flush the transmission fluid in your vehicle. Read More 

Benefits Of Hiring A Mobile Mechanic

Car emergencies can occur anywhere and at any time. For instance, you might be driving at night or in a new area only for your vehicle to stop suddenly. During these times, finding a car repair shop can be difficult. You might need to call towing services to drag your stalled car to a nearby auto shop, where your vehicle might stay for some time before getting back on the road. Read More 

What To Do When Your Car’s AC Stops Working

The air conditioning system in your car or truck has a few critical parts that can affect the system's operation. If the AC in your vehicle suddenly stops working, taking the vehicle to an AC repair shop is often the best solution.  Low Refrigerant Level One of the most common causes of AC failure in your car or truck is low refrigerant in the system. Several things can cause the level to drop, but in most cases, it is due to a leak in the system that allows the refrigerant level to fall slowly over an extended period. Read More 

3 Signs Your Serpentine Belt Needs To Be Replaced

A serpentine belt is an essential part of any vehicle. It helps to run a number of the main systems in your vehicle, including the alternator, the water pump, the air conditioning compressor and the power steering in your vehicle. If your serpentine belt is worn out, it can create a problem for these and other components in your vehicle. You may notice some signs of a worn serpentine belt, and you need to pay close attention to these signs. Read More