Three Ways To Determine If A Car Engine Needs To Be Repaired

If you are attempting to diagnose engine problems or perform engine repair, then you may be wondering how to tell if there's a problem in the first place. You can do this by keeping an eye or ear out for poor mileage, engine stalling on an automatic car, and unusual smells. Poor Mileage If the car that you are working on has been getting worse and worse mileage over time, then there might be a problem with the engine. Read More 

3 Components That Need To Be Checked During Brake Inspections

Safety is of the utmost importance for vehicles today. The brakes play an important role in staying safe as they are what bring your vehicle to a stop. To ensure this system is working like it should, have these components professionally inspected regularly. Brake Discs Brake discs are pivotal to the stopping of your vehicle. After pressing on the brake pedal, these discs squeeze the wheels firmly and the pressure stops them from rotating. Read More 

Why Brake Inspections Are Important To Get The Repairs Your Car Needs

If you have a problem with your brakes, it can cause accidents and hazards. A regular brake job and new pads are important, but it is not the only maintenance your brake system needs. Even if you have your pads changed regularly, sometimes, there are problems that can arise. Therefore, it is also important to take your car in for routine brake inspections. The following brake information will help you understand why it is important to take your car in for routine brake inspections: Read More 

How To Tell If Your Car Needs New Brake Fluid

Many vehicle owners are familiar with the need to change the oil in a vehicle, but what about when it comes to the brake fluid? This is another important fluid that may require a change from time to time to improve the vehicle's performance. The role of the brake fluid is to go down the brake lines when you press down on the brake pedal. It puts pressure on the brake pads, which causes the brakes to apply and stop the vehicle. Read More 

The Three Major Types Of Tires

Buying tires should be a simple decision based on the make and model of your vehicle, but with multiple kinds of tires on the market, even this seemingly simple purchase can be complicated. If you need to put new tires on your vehicle, choosing the right tires based on the time of year and the type of driving you do will make each trip you take safer. Most tire shops offer many brands of tires in a wide range of sizes, but each vehicle only has a few tire sizes it will take, and most have one recommended tire size. Read More