Dealing With Automatic Transmission Problems In Your Vehicle

The automatic transmission in your vehicle can be very convenient, but if it is not working the way it was designed to, the results can be a car that is difficult to drive. Taking the vehicle into a transmission repair shop might be necessary if the transmission is acting up, but identifying the problem can be easier if you can tell the tech what the car is doing.  Common Transmission Problems Read More 

How To Get The Transmission Repair Work That You Need

Before you go out on your next big road trip, you need to be sure that your car is spruced up and in tip-top shape. You might need different repairs than someone else, but one thing that is consistent is the importance of caring for your transmission. When you take better care of your transmission, upshifting and downshifting will be smooth, and you won't have a problem getting the ideal performance that you need from your vehicle. Read More 

4 Ways Your Car Benefits From a Wheel Alignment

If you are driving your vehicle and hit a large pothole, your wheels could get knocked out of alignment. Other things that can cause the wheels on your car to become misaligned include getting into an accident or hitting an object on the road. Sometimes, just normal wear and tear to the wheels can cause them to become misaligned. When your wheels become misaligned, there are many benefits to getting a wheel alignment as soon as possible. Read More 

Recently Drive Over A Nail? 4 Tips To Fix Your Tire

Did you drive over a nail on the road and now have a hole in your tire? If so, know that you don't have to go out and buy a whole new tire. As long as the hole is not in the sidewall of the tire, it is possible to repair that puncture hole and save the tire. These tips will help you do it with a plug patch. Mark The Hole Read More 

Vehicle Keeps Overheating? It Could Be The Water Pump

If your vehicle keeps overheating, even after you top the radiator off with coolant, call an auto repair technician fast. The radiator may not be the reason your vehicle has a leak. Your vehicle could actually have a problem with the water pump or another critical component in the engine. Learn how a leaking water pump affects your vehicle below. Is It the Radiator, Water Pump, or Something Else? Radiator leaks are the most common types of engine leaks to occur in cars and other vehicles today. Read More